Montreal: €206 Nonstop Air Canada Flights from Lyon (Checked Bags Add €120)

Montreal, Kanada

Star Alliance carrier Air Canada is selling tickets for economy class flights from Lyon to Montreal at really affordable prices. You can get your nonstop return-flight for only €204 from September 2022 through February 2023. The cheapest fare including checked bags is available on Air Canada’s website at €352.


From April 1, fully vaccinated passengers entering Canada will not need a pre-entry test. You will still need to use the ArriveCAN service in addition to your eTA or visa.

Our availability calendar shows all dates for round trips up to 28 days on which Air Canada offers the advertised fares. Interestingly, the cheapest tickets are available on Air Canada’s website, but only following the link via our flight search. Going directly to Air Canada raises the price to €232.


An Airbus A330 with a 2-4-2 seating pattern and personal monitors for every passenger takes you across the pond.

Search & Book

According to the fare rules, tickets are on sale until September 30, 2022 – but we don’t expect the price to last that long. A minimum stay of three days applies to get the cheap tickets, while you may not stay longer than three months. A blockout around Christmas applies. The latest possible inbound flight date is March 7, 2023.

Google Flights (instructions) displays flights and fares correctly. Just choose your date and then book via our flight search, or rather on the carrier’s website. Going directly to Air Canada raises the price to €232.

As always, cheap economy class flights to Northern America are Light or Basic fares and therefore won’t include any checked bags.


This is a Star Alliance fare that does not include check-in luggage. Additionally, some other disadvantages may apply, especially when flying with United:

Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian

Lufthansa Group airlines call this fare Economy Light. You can select your seats during the check-in process. While these airlines still allow Star-Alliance-Gold customers to bring one 23kg bag, it is said that this benefit will soon be eliminated without much warning.

United Airlines

The long-haul United Basic Economy allows Star-Alliance-Gold customers to fly with 2 x 23 kg luggage, or even 3 x 32 kg if you’re a MileagePlus frequent flyer. Nevertheless, there are other restrictions:

  • You cannot reserve your seats. Even at the time of check-in, you’ll be automatically assigned a seat, which you cannot change.
  • You’ll be the last one to board the plane (except if you’re a frequent flyer).
  • Additionally, if you’re a MileagePlus-customer:
    • No free Economy-Plus upgrades
    • Only 50% PQM instead of 100%, and only 0.5 PQS per flight
    • No modifications (e.g. Same Day-Changes) possible
    • Upgrades are not permitted
Air Canada

On flights with Air Canada, there is also a Basic Economy, but it is not quite as restrictive as United’s. If you have a Star-Alliance-Gold-Status, you can give up a 23 kg luggage, and Air-Canada-Altitude status holders can even be allowed up to 3 x 32 kg.

Other restrictions include:

  • You can reserve seats, but at a higher price than usual for Economy.
  • For Air Canada Altitude customers:
    • 25% miles for transatlantic flights, none for domestic.
    • Upgrades are not permitted.
    • From Prestige 25K onwards you can select your seats.

If you feel that these restrictions are unbearable, you should book over or and select the rate that includes luggage for roughly €100 more.


Air Canada issues these tickets in booking class K, meaning that with a Lyon to Montreal trip you’ll earn:

  • 5,866 Kilometers on Air China PhoenixMiles
  • 3,646 Miles on Copa ConnectMiles
  • 3,646 Miles on Air India Flying Returns
  • 3,646 Miles on ANA Mileage Club
  • 3,646 Miles on TAP Miles & Go
  • 3,646 Miles on Aegean Miles+Bonus
  • 3,646 Miles on Ethiopian ShebaMiles
  • 1,822 Miles on Miles&More
  • 1,822 Award Miles + 364 PQP on United MileagePlus
  • 1,822 Miles on Asiana Club
  • 1,822 Miles on Avianca LifeMiles
  • 1,822 Miles on Thai Royal Orchid Plus
  • 1,822 Miles on GOL Aéreos Smiles
  • 1,822 Miles on Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
  • 1,822 Points on SAS EuroBonus
  • 1,822 Miles on Air Canada Aeroplan
Data provided by Without guarantee on correctness.


Hotel prices in Montreal usually start at roughly €60, depending on the hotel category. Whichever category and hotel you opt for, make sure to get the best price! Our recommendation is to search on, or even on our own Travel-Dealz hotel search:

Information & Tips for Montreal

While Quebec City is the political capital of the province of Quebec, Montreal is the economic and cultural center. At the same time, it is the second largest city in Canada!

Flights to Montreal

Just like Toronto, Montreal is a pretty cheap destination for flights. Air Canada flies non-stop to Frankfurt/Main and Lufthansa flies non-stop from Munich to Montreal. In addition, there are many other connecting flights with stopovers in Europe or Toronto (mostly with Air Canada) as well as via the USA. Return flights for around 300€ (only hand luggage, checked luggage mostly 80-100€ surcharge) are a common sight. However, you should avoid the school holidays – especially the summer holidays! During this period, airfares quickly rise to over 500€ and reach highs of up to 1.000€ for a direct flight in economy class. Do not expect good deals during this time.

Best Time to Travel

The best times to visit Montreal are from March to May or from September to November. Thanks to comparatively mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine, these months are best suited for tourism. If you want to experience the Canadian winter you can also visit between December and February, but at this time you have to deal with weather restrictions.

Climate diagram for Montreal, Quebec (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)

From the Airport to the City Center

By taxi you pay a fare of $40CAD (approx. 27€) between the airport and the city centre. With the STM Airport Express (bus number 747) you pay $10CAD (approx. 6,70€) – the ticket is also valid on citywide public transit for 24 hours. The travel times by taxi as well as by bus depend strongly on the traffic and can take more than one hour during peak times.

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Information & Tips for Canada

The North American country of Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of surface area. In Canada, English and French are the official languages. Tourists visit Canada because of its many natural attractions and large cities, and the flight prices vary between the east and west coasts. Flights to the east coast e.g. to Toronto or Montreal regularly cost less than 400€. For flights to the west coast, e.g. to Vancouver or Calgary, prices are closer to 400€ – 600€. Other destinations are mostly only reachable with an additional domestic flight. Just like in the USA, most airlines now only offer cheap fares that do not include checked baggage. For checked baggage you should budget an additional 50€ per direction.

Best Time to Travel

Canada is a huge country with many varying climate conditions, but it is safe to say that the winters (November to March) are very cold and snowy in most regions. Summers are relatively mild and partly rainy.

Immigration & Visa Requirements

Most EU citizens do not need a visa for tourist stays of up to 6 months. However, an electronic travel waiver (eTA) must be applied for, similar to the ESTA required for entry into the USA. This costs about 5€ and is valid for up to 5 years.


Canada’s national currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). One euro is approximately $1.50 CAD. Many credit cards may charge a foreign currency fee of up to 2% to pay in CAD.

Transfer from Canada to the USA

Canada is located north of the USA and is the only other country apart from Mexico that shares a border with it (2 borders, actually: Alaska borders Canada in the southeast!) At many airports in Canada US immigration is already done before departure, so you arrive in the USA as a “domestic” passenger in the domestic terminal which can potentially save you lots of time since you do not have to stand in line at customs upon arriving. By land the same entry formalities take place as at the airport or by train at the station in Canada. Most EU citizens don’t need a visa and can instead make use of the digital ESTA procedure.

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