2 in 1 – Singapore & Fiji for โ‚ฌ816 From Paris and Strasbourg


This must be one of the cheapest ways to get to fly to the other end of this world! By combining two offers from Lufthansa and Fiji Airways, you can visit Fiji, the paradise in the heart of the South Pacific. And on your way, you can spend a couple of days in the vibrant metropolis of Singapore. This deal is not only cheap but also includes one piece of checked luggage.

CDG SIN Nadi Deal
From Paris to Singapore with Lufthansa…
SIN NAN Fiji Deal
..and from there Fiji Airways will take you to Nadi

The cheapest airport of departure is Paris, but you can also fly out of Strasbourg for just a couple of Euros more.

First, Lufthansa will take you from France to Singapore. Your trip will include a layover in Munich or Frankfurt. If Swiss operates the route, it will be Zurich. By the way: if you’re traveling from Strasbourg to Frankfurt, the airlines will most likely use a bus to get you there. So you’ll be on the road, not in the air.

The airlines will operate Airbus A350 or A380 on most flights to Singapore. The last segment from Asia to Nadi will be on board of an Airbus A330 from Fiji Airways.

You will see that it is, in fact, possible to book this trip with a long stopover in Singapore. But we recommend spending at least one day in the island city-state before continuing your journey! Since you have to book two separate flights, you will be responsible for any delays that might cause a missed connections flight.

Also, Singapore is a beautiful city that’s definitely worth visiting!

Search & Book

As already mentioned, you’ll have to book two separate tickets. The easiest way is to use Google Flights (instructions) to find the best available connections. Once you’ve settled for a date, you can either use the Lufthansa website to search for the best price or let our Travel Dealz flight search compare prices for you.

The cheap tickets are available in October and November 2019 as well as from January through April 2020.

Information & Tips for Fiji

Best Travel Time & Visa for the Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands in the South Pacific consist of more than 300 islands with coral reefs in the lagoons and palm-fringed beaches. A real dream destination at the other end of the world, but hard to reach from Europe.

The airfares typically start at over 1.000โ‚ฌ, and with a travel time of at least 25 hours, a stopover is almost inevitable. Most connections are offered with a stop in Asia or Australia/New Zealand.

Best Time to Visit

Temperatures on the Fiji Islands are somewhat lower in the winter (May and October) than in the summer. But during this period you’ll avoid a partly wet climate. And there is no risk of hurricanes that bring a lot of precipitation with them.

Entry & Visa

As an EU citizen, you do not need a visa for the Fiji Islands, but you must have a valid return or onward flight ticket and sufficient financial resources. The entry permit is valid for tourism purposes for up to four months.

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