Up to 150,000 Points with 1 Ticket: Triple Status and Award Points at Finnair Plus *ENDS TUESDAY*

Finnair A330

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Finnair Plus frequent flyer program, there are two nice deals for earning and redeeming points. On of them is that you get a 30% discount on many award tickets to e.g. Bangkok or Chicago.

This is about the second promotion: If you book a Finnair ticket by May 10, 2022, the number of all award and status points will be tripled. This applies to all flights up to December 31, 2022, in all travel classes.


Full terms and conditions of the offer can be found here. The following details are important:

  • Booking period: May 3 – 10, 2022
  • Travel period: May 4 to December 31, 2022
  • Only valid for flights with a Finnair flight number operated by Finnair or Norra
  • Applies in all travel classes for all fares (Light, Classic, Flex)
  • The Finnair Plus membership number must be provided at the time of booking

Earn miles with Finnair Plus

Finnair Plus has a zone-based mileage accrual system. It doesn’t really matter which destination you travel to. The only important thing is the fare classification according to continents (Northern Europe, Europe, Rest) and the fare type.

The Finnair website provides an overview. Note that the points listed apply in each direction:

image 110


The percentages and points above are naturally quite abstract at first. So we used an example to determine how many status and award points you can expect. The prices refer to the connection Paris – Helsinki – Bangkok and back (e.g. November 8 to 16):

  • Economy Light: 30,000 instead of 10,000 points (€433)
  • Economy Classic: 60,000 instead of 20,000 points (€513)
  • Economy Flex: 90,000 instead of 30,000 points (€655)
  • Business Light: 90,000 instead of 30,000 points (€1,612)
  • Business Classic: 120,000 instead of 40,000 points (€1,912)
  • Business Flex: 150,000 instead of 50,000 points (€2,411)

With 80,000 points in one year, you will reach the Finnair Plus Gold status, which corresponds to the Oneworld Sapphire.

A return flight in Eco Flex is enough for this! And the 90,000 award points alone, which you receive on top, have a value of around €700 to €1,000 if they are redeemed sensibly. Sounds like the deal of the year!

Here is an example how you can use this promo to maximum effect:

With 150,000 points, you’d get the Finnair Plus Platinum status (= Oneworld Emerald + 1 upgrade voucher).

Of course, there are also countless other attractive options to get the points cheaply. For example, tickets from France to the USA are relatively cheap (e.g. €355 in eco light / €455 in eco classic).

Source: YHBU

Cover Picture: © Finnair

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Comments (10)

  1. Anders Jacob says:

    As I’m booking right now I’ve chosen Business Classic on a flight HEL-SEA, however booking class is ”I” which according to the website only redeems 12000 x3.
    Is there a difference between a ”scheduled flight with a ticket type” and ”a scheduled flight without a ticket type”?
    I should be fine choosing Business Classic, right and earn accordingly?

  2. Fadi says:

    Can I use combine my miles to send these over to Qatar or BA?

  3. valter says:

    Hi. It is possible to reedem those miles based o booking 2 people in the same account, if yes the account will receive the 1 upgrade voucher ? thanks a lot.

    • Valter says:

      Bassically my question is if I book 2 eco flex tickets for me and my partner, I will receive for example 180000 point and one upgrade voucher, that I can you for a future flight buying an eco cash fare , upgrading it with the upgrade voucher, and 1 mileage ticket ? That’s corect ? thanks a lot.

      • Peer says:

        You can only earn miles for the account holder. So everyone of you would get 90,000 points, but you can’t combine them into a single account.

        But it should work anyway. 90k will earn you Gold status and you can upgrade a future flight with the voucher (provided that you can find upgrade space on the desired flight).

  4. Suzy says:

    Thank you for your help Felix, it’s very much appreciated and makes sense to me now.

  5. Suzy says:

    Please can you give another example of how Finnair points work. I’m not used to their charts and usually use BA’s online calculator but AY’s calculator is not working. The charts look like the points are in each direction? Seems like I’m reading it wrong as I thought Paris – Helsinki – BKK return in eco flex would get more points with the 150% multiplier and the triple promo points? Could you kindly jot down each step of the points calculation please. Also, please can you try to clarify the difference between points (miles) and points (tier points). Many thanks.

    • Felix says:

      Hi Suzy!
      First of all, the % in the table above is not connected to the promo, but for earning rates of points in regular times.
      Here is the requested example for Eco Flex:
      CDG-HEL 3,000 pts
      HEL-BKK 12,000 pts
      BKK-HEL 12,000 pts
      HEL-CDG 3,000 pts
      That sums up to 30,000 pts for the roundtrip. You’d get three times that amount. So a roundtrip in Eco Flex gives you 90,000 pts.

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