easyJet Flights to Berlin From all Around Europe Starting at €35

Berlin - Schloss Bellevue

easyJet is currently selling very cheap tickets for their flights to Berlin. A roundtrip flight to Berlin can be bought for as little as €35. While availability differs for each point of departure, and might sometimes be a bit sparse, if you do find flights on dates that are convenient to you, this is an unbeatable price. Adding a piece of luggage usually increases the roundtrip price by roughly €40-55, still making it a very good price.

We found cheap flights from the following cities:

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Flying for a total of over 3 hours for only €35 is sensational

While the flight from e.g. Copenhagen is quite short, you’re getting a lot of flying time for your money if you’re traveling from Madrid or even Athens. This is definitely the quickest way to get to Berlin, and the cheapest. It’s not the most comfortable, but the value-for-money really is great.

Search & Book

As always with these low-cost carriers, there are no fare rules. You simply have to look for the cheapest dates on Google Flights and then book the flight on easyJet’s website (especially if you want to add luggage or reserve seats) or on our Travel-Dealz flight search. Availability is highest in January, but more dates can usually be found until March.

Cover Picture: Ditmar Lange

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