easyJet Sale: All Roundtrips Between France and Spain at €63 in Late 2020 (incl. Canary Islands)

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easyJet is currently selling its flights between all of its French and all of its Spanish destinations in late 2020 for only €63. While that’s already a very good price for mainland flights such as Madrid – Paris, it is a spectacular price for the Canary Islands, which are roughly 4 hours away from France.


Due to the Coronavirus situation, easyJet is making all their reservations rebookable, meaning that you can, later on, change the travel dates or even destination, only paying the price difference without any additional fees. Should easyJet have to cancel the flight, you would be fully refunded.
As these flights are for late 2020, however, we don’t expect any of this to be necessary. The only risk that you might be taking, is that easyJet could go bankrupt until then, but we don’t believe that this will be the case.

You can read more about this here:

As an example: easyJet’s Spanish destinations from Paris are:

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Flights like these often cost twice as much

While flying with easyJet is not exactly very comfortable, the value-for-money here is worth it. In some cases, you are basically getting a total of 9 hours of flight time for €63! Here are all possible routes:

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Availability for these flights starts in October. You always have to fly on Tuesday or Saturday, no matter what. As long as you do that, you’ll find almost every Tuesday and Saturday in November and January to be available, as well as in December, except for the Christmas week.

To book these flights, simply enter any Tuesday or Saturday in our Travel-Dealz flight search, which will then redirect you to easyJet’s website. You can also, like always, check out Google Flights‘ availability calendar.

Adding luggage sadly bumps the price up to roughly €120.

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