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You’ve already obtained elite status with a Oneworld or Star Alliance member, and now you want to take advantage of similar benefits when flying with SkyTeam? Then stay with us, since this deal might be what you’ve been looking for: Aeromexico and its frequent flyer program Club Premier are offering a status match to Gold and Platinum tier (=SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus).

Technically speaking it is not a simple match but a challenge that the Mexican carrier is promoting. If you hold a status with another airline that is comparable to one of Club Premier’s (only those outside the SkyTeam alliance will be considered) you will be granted your new Club Premier Gold or Platinum status for 3 months. Within this period, you have to earn 20% of the miles that you would typically need to obtain status. If you manage to collect the miles, Club Premier will extend the validity of your card.

Aeromexico Club Premier Status
The four different Club Premier statuses


Aeromexico wants to see some documents which you have to provide before you can start the challenge. There used to be a form that you would fill out. But not anymore. Now it is probably best to send an email to and request a status match (the email can be in English or Spanish, by the way). Here’s what the airline will need:

  • Screenshot of your current account showing your status
  • Photo or scan of your frequent flyer card
  • Photo or scan of a government issued ID (e.g., passport)

According to recent reviews, it could also be necessary to register for the corporate program of Club Premier. If this is unavoidable, you might run into problems since you will be prompted to enter a 10 digit telephone number (Mexican format) as well as an RFC, which seems to be a Mexican tax number.


Apparently, it is possible to make up both numbers in order to set up your account. The RFC number for natural persons is 13 characters long. The first four letters are taken from the person’ s name, then follows their date of birth (YYMMDD), then three letters are chosen at random (an example would be Monique Maldonado Lemarque, MALM620202GQ).

Once you’ve provided all the necessary documents you should receive an email with the frequent flyer program’s decision about your match. If you’ve been accepted to the challenge you’ll have three months to earn your miles:

  • 10,000 Premier points for Gold status
  • 16,000 Premier points for Platinum status

We are not sure until when Aeromexico will run this status match challenge. We have feedback from readers that got matched without major problems in early 2019. If you’re lucky and you get a satisfying answer from Club Premier, we’d be happy to read from you in the comments! Also, if you find out about anything that we didn’t mention are errors in the instructions, don’t hesitate to point this out. Thanks!


Club Premier Gold

  • SkyTeam Elite membership
  • Upgrades on domestic flights in the US (also on flights with Delta Airlines, subject to availability)
  • Priority check-in, and boarding
  • Preferred seat selection
  • Higher priority on waiting list
  • 25% mileage bonus
  • One free complimentary upgrade for you and one companion
  • First checked bag is free

Club Premier Platinum

All benefits that the Gold tier includes and …

  • SkyTeam Elite Plus membership, including free access to SkyTeam lounges for you and one companion as well as priority service on all SkyTeam flights
  • Higher priority for upgrades on US domestic flights
  • Guaranteed complimentary upgrades if you chose the highest booking class
  • Guaranteed seat in Economy Class until 24 hours before departure
  • 50% mileage bonus

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Comments (4)

  1. DW says:

    Are the chances better with Delta? I fly a lot with Skyteam in China, so i thought due to better crediting i‘d go with Aeromexico. But i would also try delta…

    • Patrick says:

      Yes, definitely. The chances that Delta will offer you a status match challenge are higher. Reports of the last match are just a couple of days old, which is a good sign. But you can, of course, try both – Delta and Aeromexico. Worst thing that can happen is that both accept you for their challenge:)

  2. DW says:

    Want to match TK miles&smiles gold status. But now it is 4 weeks in and no response from aeromexico… whats wrong? Did the status match work for anyone?

    • Patrick says:

      Hi there! It has been a while since we’ve heard from someone who successfully matched a status with Aeromexico. So technically the challenge could be over already. We will keep an eye open for more feedback and set this article to expired if the airlines seem to have stopped matching.

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