The 30 Cheapest InterContinental Hotels Worldwide

Intercontintal Warsaw Entrance

When searching for a comfortable place to sleep, a popular luxury hotel chain is the so-called InterConti. In most InterContinental hotels, prices of over €200 are common, or even more. However, we have now found the cheapest InterContis in the world: 30 hotels which cost up to €160. Due to the entry regulations, we’ve excluded hotels in China. Many attractive destinations are on the list, such as Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Colombia, UAE, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, and even 6 cities in Europe.

These are currently the cheapest InterContinental hotels in the world:

  1. InterContinental Yokohama Grand, Japan starting at JP¥10,864 (~€76)
  2. InterContinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort, South Korea starting at ₩108,834 (~€78)
  3. InterContinental Presidente Puebla, Mexico starting at US$89 (~€86)
  4. InterContinental Presidente Guadalajara, Mexico starting at US$92 (~€89)
  5. InterContinental Bandung Dago Pakar, Indonesia starting at US$99 (~€96)
  6. InterContinental Cali, Colombia starting at US$101 (~€98)
  7. InterContinental Pattaya Resort, Thailand starting at THB 3,699 (~€100)
  8. InterContinental Warsaw, Poland starting at PLN 524 (~€112)
  9. InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia starting at MYR 518 (~€112)
  10. InterContinental Malta, Malta starting at €115
  11. InterContinental Abu Dhabi, UAE starting at AED 427 (~€112)
  12. InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront, USA starting at US$117 (~€113)
  13. InterContinental Dar Al Hijra, Saudi Arabia starting at SAR 439 (~€113)
  14. InterContinental – ANA Manza Beach Resort, Japan starting at JP¥17,460 (~€122)
  15. InterContinental Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia starting at SAR 465 (~€119)
  16. InterContinental Real Guatemala, Guatemala starting at US$126 (~€122)
  17. InterContinental Mzaar (Mountain Resort & Spa), Lebanon starting at US$128 (~€124)
  18. InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, Vietnam starting at US$128 (~€124)
  19. InterContinental Residence Suites Dubai F.C, UAE starting at AED 469 (~€123)
  20. InterContinental Grand Stanford, Hong Kong starting at HK$1,012 (~€125)
  21. InterContinental Hua Hin Resort, Thailand starting at THB 4,795 (~€129)
  22. InterContinental Sofia, Bulgaria starting at BGN 263 (~€135)
  23. InterContinental Athenaeum Athens, Greece starting at €135
  24. InterContinental San Salvador-Metrocentro Mall, El Salvador starting at US$135 (~€130)
  25. InterContinental Doha – The City, Qatar starting at QAR 509 (~€134)
  26. InterContinental Managua at Metrocentro Mall, Nicaragua starting at US$143 (~€138)
  27. InterContinental Berlin, Germany starting at €148
  28. InterContinental Almaty, Kazakhstan starting at KZT 69,530 (~€144)
  29. InterContinental Medellin, Colombia starting at US$151 (~€151)
  30. InterContinental Budapest, Hungary starting at €160

We’re not saying that you can get these prices on any night, and it’s also possible that we may have missed a hotel, as it was more expensive on all dates that we checked.

Here you can see all mentioned hotels on a map:

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As you can see, most hotels are in Central America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, or Southeast Asia. At the same time, there are no cheap InterContinentals in Africa, India, and Oceania.

You can make even more out of your stays by purchasing the InterContinental Ambassador status, which gives you two vouchers for free weekend nights and all benefits of IHG Rewards One Platinum Elite status:


Unlike the other luxury brands, the list of cheapest InterContinental hotels includes quite a few interesting destinations, such as Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Malta, Hong Kong, Athens, San Salvador, Doha, Managua, and Berlin. However, while the list of cheapest 5-star Marriotts could be kept below €75, the world’s cheapest InterConti already starts at €76. So, while this is a list of the cheapest hotels of the brand, most of them still aren’t really cheap.

Cover Picture: Ditmar Lange

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  1. Bert says:

    Stayed 3 nights at the Intercontinental Lisbon last week. Actually a very nice hotel. Uber cost close to nothing in Portugal, a one way trip to the old city will set you back just 4 USD.

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