Cyber Monday 2021: All Offers & Coupons

Black Week EU

Since one revenue peak at the end of each year isn’t enough, cooperations carefully groomed the Friday after American Thanksgiving to be a second one. This trend hasn’t only transcended space by reaching nearly all other parts of the world. Even time is no longer a barrier, as discounts usually start on the Monday before and end on the Monday after America’s favorite family feast. And thus it became the Black Week, in all its discounted glory.


This article is regularly updated to keep you on track!

This article contains an overview on all the spectacular discounts you can score as well as an honest opinion on how much you can actually save.

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25hours Hotel Paris Room Bed Lamp


Barcelo Hotels: 20% Discount on Hotels Worldwide Until December 2022

Barcelo Logo

Barcelo offers a decent coupon code, that can be combined with other discounts on most of their hotels. It can be applied to all rates and meal plans for stays in 2022. Valid until December 2.

Bottom line: A good and honest discount, it is worth checking out.

Radisson: Free Breakfast on Weekend Stays in 2022

Radisson Logo

Radisson offers free breakfast on hotels in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East for weekend stays in 2022. The booking period ends on November 30.

Bottom line: This promotion isn’t much of a big deal and sports some marvelous red flags.

Steigenberger Hotels: Up to 35% Discount on Stays until April 2022


Germany luxury hotel brand Steigenberger gives you a whopping discount on stays of at least two nights up until April 28. Sadly, the discounted rates have to be prepaid and are not refundable.

Bottom line: A typical high risk – high reward situation. While prepaid hotel rooms during the pandemic come with a certrain danger of losing your money, there are some bargains to be made here.

The Student Hotel: 35% Discount on Stays Until March 2022

The Student Hotel Logo
The Student Hotel Logo

The Student Hotel gives a 35% on the most flexible rate in almost all of its properties for stays of up to two weeks before March 31, 2022. Their Black Week rate is refundable and includes onsite payment, the promotion runs until November 29.

Bottom line: An honest and straightforward discount without any hidden traps. A great deal to save some money.

Radisson Americas: 30% Discount on Stays Before December 2022

Radisson Logo

Radisson Americas runs a similar promotion to its European counterpart for Hotels in North America, South American and the Caribbean. The main differences are that Radisson America’s promotion is not limited to weekends and the discounted rate actually is the cheapest one. The promotion runs until November 29.

Bottom line: Great chance to save on your upcoming trip across the pond. The discount is real and most of the rates include onsite payment and are fully refundable.

H10 Hotels: 25% Discount On Stays In 2022

H10 Hotels Logo
H10 Hotels Logo

H10 hotels gives out a decent coupon code, that can be combined with other discounts on most of their hotels. It can be applied to all rates and meal plans for stays in 2022. It expires on November 29.

Bottom line: Straightforward discount with a big potential of real savings. The discount is pretty high, too. Great deal.

Marriott: 25% Discount on Stays Until January 2022

Marriott Logo

Marriott offers discount of up to 25% (20% Promotional discount + 5% for Marriott Bonvoy members) on stays in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The promotional rate has to be fully prepaid, but can be cancelled for free. It is valid until November 29, 2021, for stays up to January 17, 2022.

Bottom line: The discounts during this sale work and the full refund is a welcome inclusion. The major downsides are the short travel period and the need for prepayment.

Priceline: 10% Discount on Express Deals

Priceline Logo

Until Monday, November 29, Booking portal Priceline gives out a 10% discount for their blind booking service, Express Deals.

Bottom line: This discount is nothing unusual, the main difference to their regular promo codes is that the saving is capped at $60 instead of $50.

Insotel: 40% Discount on Hotels in Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca

Insotel is a small hotel chain that runs eight houses on the Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. You can now save 40% on bookings in 2022 with their coupon code.

40% Insotel Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valind until December 8, 2021 for stays in 2022.
Valind until December 8, 2021 for stays in 2022.

Bottom line: A straightforward 40% discount, valid on all room types and rates. One of the better deals, sadly for a small chain.


Lufthansa: €20 Discount On European Flights

Lufthansa Logo

Until November 29, you can get a €20 discount for Inner European Lufthansa flights. The discount only applies on the airfare, not on taxes and surcharges.

Bottom line: Nothing that makes Lufthansa tickets a must-buy, but a decent discount if you were trying to book something anyway.

Austrian Airlines: €20 Discount On European Flights

Austrian Airlines Logo

Until November 29, you can get a €20 discount for Inner European Austrian flights. The discount only applies on the airfare, not on taxes and surcharges.

Bottom line: Lufthansa Group discount codes are a rare enough thing, so you them while they are available.

Swiss: €20 Discount on European Flights

Swiss Logo

Completing the Lufthansa Group trifecta, Swiss offers a €20 discount for Inner European flights, as well. The discount only applies on the airfare, not on taxes and surcharges.

Bottom line: Lufthansa Group discount codes are a rare enough thing, so you them while they are available.

LOT Polish Airlines: 15% Discount on Economy Class Tickets

LOT Logo

For flights in the first three months of 2022, LOT gives a 15% discount on the airfare of all economy tickets. The code can be redeemed until November 29.

Bottom line: A discount that is especially attractive on long haul flights and fares including checked bags. You cannot save a lot on tickets that are already cheap, though.

Iberia: Flights Departing from Spain Starting at €20

Logo von Iberia

Iberia sells discounted tickets with departure from Spain until November 30. The discount applies to flights between January and June 2022 and can be found mainly on Spanish domestic flights.

Bottom line: While finding the low prices takes some time, it is still possible to save some money. Still not a mind blowing promotion by any means.

Air Canada: €40 or 15% Discount On Transatlantic Flights

Air Canada Logo

Depending on your departure country, Air Canada offers a €40 or 15% discount on flights to Canada, the USA and Central America. It can be applied to any travel class for flights before June 15, 2022. However, it only discounts the airfare, not the entire ticket price.

Bottom line: Sadly, the discount is limited to the airfare – at least for economy tickets, that means you can only shave off a couple of euros. While a nice way to save a little money, nothing that should make you reconsider flying or not flying with Air Canada.

British Airways: £299 Transatlantic Flights, £119 European Package Holidays

Logo von British Airways

British Airways’ black week promotion includes the advertisement for £299 tickets to three American destinations (Boston, New York, Philadelphia), as well as some discounted Flight+Hotel packages for European travel in the first three months of 2022.

Bottom line: The advertised prices are nothing special for regular times, so this isn’t really an offer to rave about.

Virgin Atlantic: £50 Off Economy, £100 Off Premium Eco, £200 Off Business Class Flights

Virgin Atlantic Logo

British airline Virgin Atlantic promises to discount tickets in all travel classes by a fixed amount of money. Sadly, none of the discounts are clearly marked and prices are still not very attractive.

Bottom line: We haven’t been able to find some particularly great deals. A let-down after many great sales in the previous years. Promo Code: Up to 10% Discount on Flight Tickets Logo combines single tickets by different airlines in a bundle and sells them as packages, that can be much cheaper than round trips offered by airlines. They will also provide you with an alternative if you don’t make your connections.

Bottom line: Not the most convincing offer, but any discount is better than no discount.

TAP Portugal: 20% Discount on Tickets Including Luggage (Excl. Business Class)

TAP Logo

Until November 30, you can discount all TAP economy fares including luggage by 20% (the discount applies to airfare & fuel surcharge). There is no limitation to specific routes. The travel period ends in May 2022.

Bottom line: A middle of the pack offer with some major upsides (Discount on fuel, applicable to most flights) and major downsides (restrictive travel period, not valid on business class flights).

Brussels Airlines: €20 Discount on Flights from Brussels

brussels airlines logo

With Brussels Airlines’ coupon code, you can get a €20 discount on the airfare when booking flights from Brussels (BRU) to European and African destinations. The travel period ends on €20.

€20 Brussels Airlines Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valid until November 29, 2021 for travel before November 22, 2022. Discounts the airfare on flights to Europe and Africa.
Valid until November 29, 2021 for travel before November 22, 2022. Discounts the airfare on flights to Europe and Africa.

Bottom line: Similar to Lufthansa’s discount code, it features a long travel period and transparent discount. Nothing to complain about.

Air France/KLM: £50 Discount on Departures from the United Kingdom

Logo von Air France

Until November 30, 2021, you can shave £50 off Air France or KLM airfares when departing from the United Kingdom. The code covers bookings before May 24, 2022, and can be redeemed on Air France’ or KLM’s website. Valid on code share flights.

£50 Air France KLM Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valid until December 1, 2021 for flights before May 24, 2022, from the UK. Valid in all travel classes. Cannot discount flights to USA. Limited to 200 redemptions.
Valid until December 1, 2021 for flights before May 24, 2022, from the UK. Valid in all travel classes. Cannot discount flights to USA. Limited to 200 redemptions.

Bottom line: Thanks to the high discount value, a great opportunity to save some money on flights departing from Britain.

Scandinavian Airlines: Awesome Transatlantic Deals

SAS Logo

Star Alliance member SAS certainly provides the highlights in this year’s Black Week, with €155 economy tickets from Gothenborg to Los Angeles or €473 premium economy rides from Stockholm to New York.

Bottom line: The prices are great, the availability is good and the hype is real

Mietwagen USA


Interrail & Eurail Coupon: 10% Discount on Rail Passes (Free Refund)

Interrail sells all possible rail passes with a 10% discount until November 30 and makes them fully refundable.

Bottom line: While nothing more than their usual promotions, still a welcome way to save some money on a possible lifetime experience.

SNCF: €25 Discount Cards

French railway company oui.SNCF sells discounted cards at the price of €25 instead of €49. The cards reduce the price for train rides within a year by 30%. There are three types of cards and a bunch of very restrictive terms and conditions.

Bottom line: The possible usage of these cards is so limited, this offer might be interesting for our French readers, but certainly not for casual travelers visiting France.

Europcar: Up to 25% Discount on Car Rentals In Selected Countries Until March 2022

Europcar Logo

Europcar gives a discount on its rental cars, depending on your destination. The highest permanent discount is available in France (25%) and Norway (40%, but only for booking made on November 30.)

Bottom line: The discounts aren’t that high and the terms & conditions are excruciatingly complicated. You should still check it out if you are set to travel in one of the participating countries.

TUI Cars: €33 Discount on Car Rentals of 7+ Days

TUI Cars Logo

Until November 29, you can use the coupon to get a €33 discount on rentals of at least 7 days in specific locations. The code is valid for rentals until October 31, 2022, and requires no minimum spending.

Bottom line: While the minimum rental time of seven days is a bit long, monetary discounts are usually easier to retrace for users. Because of the long travel period, this code can be put to good use when planning ahead.

Holiday Taxis: 20% Off Airport Transports

Holiday Taxis offers organized airport transfers from many major airports around the world, in different car categorizes and luxury levels. Until November 29, they promise a 20% discount.

Bottom line: As soon as you visit the site, the discount is “automatically applied”, which means you have no chance to compare prices. But if you stumble upon a great price, why not seize it?

xiaomi trolley

Travel Gadgets

Horizn Studios: Up to 50% Discount – Model M5 Smart Incl. Powerbank Starting at €218

Horizn Studios Logo

During their cyber sale, Horizn Studios discounts their coveted hold and cabin bags as well as accessories and backpacks. Prices for luggage go as low as €173 for Model M5 Smart.

Bottom line: A good opportunity to get high quality luggage at reduced prices, but not as spectacular as last year’s sale.

Db: Up to 40% on Bags & Backpacks

Db Douchbags Logo
Db Douchbags Logo

Db (formerly know as douchebags) is a Swedish company, famous for travel gadgets with innovative design and edgy names. Until November 29, they offer up to 40% on their portfolio.

Bottom line: If you’re into outdoor activities or looking for a new backpack, know is a great time to check out db’s portfolio.

Heimplanet: 30% Off Everything (Tents, Backpacks, Clothing, etc.)

Heimplanet Logo

Everything offered on Heimplanet is now available 30% below its usual price with their Black Week discount code. You can even choose to give some of the saved money directly to an environmental charity.

Bottom line: This is a pretty amazing offer, since Heimplanet offer tents worth up to €900 – among other practical gadgets for outdoor activities.

Stacksocial: 40% Discount on Software & Apps

Stacksocial Logo

Stacksocial has given out a coupon code that gives you a 40% discount on apps and software in their portfolio, mostly for lifetime subscriptions.

40% StackSocial Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Applicable to apps & software. Some offers are excluded.
Applicable to apps & software. Some offers are excluded.

Bottom line: A straight discount and great opportunity to save.

Flightradar 24: 18 Month Subscription For The Price of 12 Months

Flightradar24 Logo

Flightradar is still the most famous among the sheer endless variety of aviation tracking sites. Until December 5, you can get an eightteen-month subscription for the price of twelve. Perks include an ad-free experience, larger databases and accessing 3D displays. A silver membership starts at US$10 (~€9) per month, a gold membership US$35 (~€31).

Bottom line: The silver subscription isn’t that expensive and comes with a bunch of features. AvGeeks might be interested.

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