New York: From Athens with all alliances for €276 (€393 with luggage)

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All the alliances (Star Alliance, SkyTeam, and Oneworld) are currently offering very cheap flights from Athens to New York for €276. Sadly, these fares do not include a piece of luggage. If you pick dates, where you can fly with Delta, you’ll even have direct, non-stop flights!

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This represents the cheapest deal, but flights with other alliances or better times mostly cost no more than €10 more.

There are many different ways to fly to New York. You’ll simply have to select the alliance, and scheduled times that you prefer.

United also offers flights from Thessaloniki starting at €354.

Only Delta offers direct flights, but sadly these are a bit harder to find. Often, nevertheless, you can find this deal with at least one of the inbound/outbound flights being direct.

Search & Book

Strangely enough, all the airlines of the three alliances seem to have the same fare rules. You can book this deal until June 15, 2019, must have a time period of 3 days to 3 months before your return flight, and must travel between September 3rd and October 26th.

You can search for dates using Google Flights, and then book the flights on Skyscanner. Nevertheless, we recommend booking your flights directly on the airlines’ websites (e.g.,,, even if this costs a little bit more, as you can then easily select if you want to book the fare with, or without luggage. The fares with luggage will usually cost €80-120 more, depending on the airline.

The Star Alliance flights are issued in booking class K, Oneworld issues them in class S for the short European flights, and O for the long haul flight, and for SkyTeam it depends on the airline (it could be O, V, L, or E).

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