Sint Maarten: €280 Non-Stop From Paris With Air Caraibes (€378 With Luggage)

St. Maarten

French airline Air Caraibes is currently selling its direct flights from Paris to Sint Maarten for only €278. While Air Caraibes is not exactly a great airline, being a low-cost carrier, this still represents a sweet deal to a destination, where prices are often almost €400 more expensive.


This sweet deal is back again, and you can book your ticket until November 18th. And there’s availability until June 2020!

For direct flights of 8-9 hours, this is a great price

Air Caraibes departs from Paris-Orly using an Airbus A330. Don’t expect a particularly great flight experience. This deal is mostly about getting to a nice destination on a direct flight for as little money as possible. As long as your expectations are based on that, you’ll be fine.

Search & Book

This deal already expires on November 18, 2019, so you’ll have to be rather quick. Your trip has to be 3 days (or a Sunday) to 1 month long, and take place during the following travel periods:

  • now – December 15th
  • January 10th – June 30th

If you wish to fly with luggage, you can look for available dates on Google Flights (instructions) and then book the Soleil Smart fare on Otherwise, you can save some money by booking through our Travel-Dealz flight search.

You can also check our calender for available dates (for trips up to 14 days):

Information & Tips for St. Martin

Everyone knows the pictures: people holding on to the fence and almost being blown away by a starting jet (can be dangerous, so attempt with caution) – or jumbos flying a few meters above the crowded beach. The pictures are from Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, the Dutch part of which is called Sint Maarten and the northern part of the island, Saint-Martin, is a French overseas territory. The frequency of flights to Europe is correspondingly high – mostly by KLM and Air France. For many aircraft fans and spotters the island is the dream destination within the Caribbean. But also for non aviation enthusiasts, the island offers everything that one expects of a Caribbean paradise: beaches, palm trees, luxury hotels and more.

Best Time to Travel

As is typical for a Caribbean island, temperatures fluctuate only slightly throughout the year. During the day the air temperature is around 30 °C and the water reaches swimming-pool-like temperatures of 28 °C. Between June and the end of November one should consider that it is hurricane season in the Caribbean. The best time to travel is therefore December to May, with hotel prices rising accordingly. Hurricane “Irma” caused severe damage to the island in 2017. In the meantime, however, many accommodations have reopened and the majority of the (tourist) infrastructure is functioning again.

Immigration & Visa Requirements

Sint Maarten is part of the Dutch Kingdom, but unlike the northern part of the island it is not part of the European Union. A passport is therefore required for entry, which must be valid for at least 6 months after departure. This also applies if you only want to visit the French part (by plane), because the airport is located in the Dutch part. EU citizens do not need a visa to visit St. Maarten. Tourist stays are possible for up to 30 days, if you visit several Dutch Caribbean islands even for up to 90 days. For the French part, there are no restrictions on the length of your stay. On departure, an airport fee of 30€ will be charged.

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Cover Picture: CC0-Lizenz, Pixabay-User kendallpools

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