Buy AAdvantage Miles With 40% Discount & fly Etihad First Apartment for €951 Oneway

Etihad Apartment Bed A380

Currently, American Airlines frequent flyer program AAdvantage allows you to buy miles with a nice bonus and a 10% discount! That way, the purchasing price of miles is only 2.03 USD-cents per mile. These miles can be redeemed for a flight in the Ethiad First Apartment, but there are, of course, many other rewarding ways to redeem them.

The regular fare for 1,000 miles is US$47 (~€40). And this does not include 7.5% Federal excise tax.

Here’s the discount and bonus you can get:

  • 20,000 – 39,000 miles: 7,000 bonus miles + 10% off
  • 40,000 – 59,000 miles: 15,000 bonus miles + 10% off
  • 60,000 – 79,000 miles: 22,500 bonus miles + 10% off
  • 80,000 – 99,000 miles: 30,000 bonus miles + 10% off
  • 100,000 – 150,000 miles: 42,500 bonus miles + 10% off

The best ratio 100,000 + 42,500 = 142,500 miles for US$3 (~€2) is 2.03 USD-Cent (1.83 Euro-Cent) per mile.


We strongly recommend to buy miles only if you plan to redeem them immediately! AAdvantage can devalue them or cut redeeming opportunities at any time.

AAdvantage allows you to buy up to 150,000 award miles plus bonus miles per year. Additionally, your AAdvantage account has to be at least 30 days old. Opening up an AAdvantage account makes sense nonethenless, as the next sale will surely happen!

This sale ends on November 1, 2019 05:59 o'clock.

Redeeming AAdvantage miles

You can redeem AAdvantage miles not only on American Airlines flights, but with every Oneworld member. Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Etihad Airways work as well!

As of now, there are two very attractice sweet spots:

First Class: Abu Dhabi – Seoul, at 50,000 miles

Starting at July 1st, 2019 Etihad Airlines serves Abu Dhabi – Seoul with an Airbus A380 (thanks to OMMAT). This results in a great First Class sweet spot:

Abu Dhabi to Seoul First Class flights are just 50,000 Meilen Aadvantage miles + US$33 (~€28). In return you’ll get eight hours and 35 minutes Etihad Airways’ Airbus A380 First Apartment:

AAdvantage Etihad First Apartment AUH ICN
50,000 miles + US$33 (~€28) taxes & surcharges result in an First Apartment flight.

Given you buy the highest possible 150,000 miles, this ticket is as cheap as US$959 (~€819) + US$32 (~€27) taxes = US$992 (~€847)! This is an outstanding fare for an Etihad First Apartment!

First Class: Asia to Oceania at 50,000 miles

Another swee sport are flights between Asia (e.g. Hong Kong) and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji…) aboard Qantas’ First Class. For only 50,000 miles + US$36 (~€31) taxes & surcharges you’ll get an First Class trip from Singapore to Melbourne with a connection oin Fiji Airlways’ Business Class to Nadi.

AAdvantage First SIN MEL NAN
A oneway flight from Singapore to Nadi, Fiji in First and Business Class for 50,000 miles.

First Class: Europe – Middle East at 62,500 miles

Another deal for Etihad’s A380 First Aparment are flights from Abu Dhabi to London, redeemable at 62,500 miles + US$33 (~€28). A flight in the opposite direction (from London to Abu Dhabi) sees taxes increase up to $200.

AAdvantage Etihad First Apartment AUH LHR
Etihad First Apartment from Abu Dhabi to London for 62,500 miles + US$33 (~€28)

This flight is 25 minutes shorter than the trip to Seoul and takes 12,500 miles more to redeem.

You can combine the Seoul – Abu Dhabi – London flights for 90,000 miles and enjoy Etihad First Apartment twice!


These are the most important rules:

  1. You can purchase a maximum of 150,000 AAdvantage miles per calendar year.
  2. AAdvantage will devalue your miles after 18 months without activity (earning or redeeming miles).


Thanks to Abu Dhabi – Seoul, there is a new sweet sport in AAdvantage’s program. This makes purchasing miles attractive again.

But you really should only buy miles if you have a plan on how to redeem them and use them as quickly as possible. AAdvantage has changed their redeeming structure on multiple occasions and your miles can loose value as a result. Even redeeming AAdvantage miles on Eithad flights has been limited in the past and it could happen again at any time.

Cover Picture: © Etihad Media

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