Room Mate Hotels: 25% Coupon

room mate giulia milan

The boutique hotel chain Room Mate Hotels currently has a 25% coupon valid for the base overnight rate (excluding taxes and fees):

25% Room Mate Club Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valid for the base overnight rate (excluding taxes and fees).
Valid for the base overnight rate (excluding taxes and fees).

The hotel chain operates hotels in 25 cities worldwide, including Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, New York, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Milan and Florence. Particular emphasis is placed on dealing with employees and guests. The guest should feel more like a “friend” or “buddy” than just a hotel guest.

In practice, the voucher unfortunately does not give you a full 25% discount, the actual savings are usually around 10%. This is how you redeem the voucher:

Redeem coupon

Redeeming coupon codes at Room Mate Hotels is pretty straightforward. You enter the code directly into the booking form:

Enter the code right in the booking form

This will then be applied directly and the prices shown to you will already include all applicable discounts.

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