Flixbus Vouchers: €14 Oneway Trips Within Europe

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Long-distance bus overlord Flixbus reacts to the Covid-19 crisis with a voucher for oneway long distance bus trips at €14. With these, you have the chance to plan for travel up to three years in advance!

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This voucher is valid for three years after purchase and can be redeemed on FlixBus’ long distance buses and FlixTrains, that currently operate within Germany. In contrast to former Flixbus vouchers, these cover connection with a change of buses, too – instead of just point-to-point buses. This means you can take long trips like Berlin – Kiev for just €14!


Flixbus has altered this offer – vouchers are now just valid for direct services.

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail including a voucher code. You can redeem that code during your next booking with Flixbus.


Terms & Conditions limit this sale to people with a permanent residence in either France, Italy or Germany. However, Flixbus doesn’t seem to check this at the time of purchase. You still may run into trouble when trying to redeem them. They do check this now.

For further information, Flixbus offers a pretty comprehensive FAQ on their landingpage:

flixbus faq
Great FAQ’s on Flixbus’ website.

Redeeming a coupon on the Flixbus Website

After you have selected a connection and placed the ticket into the shopping cart, you can redeem the voucher as follows:

redeem coupon flixbus apr19
Enter the coupon code in the redeem voucher field

The value of the discount will be subtracted immediately.

Cover Picture: © Flixbus

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Comments (4)

  1. Markus Eugster says:

    Wie schon gesagt, as already mentioned: We do not know if FlixelBus will survive!

  2. Markus Eugster says:

    Too many risks of the bankrupt ivolved!


    Hi,i can not find the term and condition of limiting offer to people wit PR in DE,IT,Fr. Could you please help me?

    • Felix says:

      Hi Srikrishna! There is a drop down menu right below the “amount of vouchers button”. It gives you the chance to select between France, Italy, Germany and Other. If you select “Other”, you cannot continue.

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