Wordle for Frequent Flyers: Guess Countries & Airports

Worldle iPad

Is Wordle still a thing? Even if the hype surrounding the word game has flattened somewhat since March, it still enjoys great popularity, at least in my circle of acquaintances. So today, we would like to present you with two adaptations that might be a little more exciting for frequent travellers like us: A wordle with country forms and IATA codes – of course, they can both be played for free.

What is Wordle?

Have you managed to avoid Wordle so far? Congratulations. Since its release in October 2021, the game has taken over social media channels around the world. And that is certainly also due to the simple game principle: users only have to enter five letters to guess a word. With a total of 6 attempts, the respective colours indicate whether the letters are correct:

  • Grey box ⬜️: Letter does not appear in the word
  • Yellow box 🟨: Letter occurs in the word, but in a different position
  • Green box: 🟩: Letter and position are correct

So you can work your way up to the right term step by step. Here’s an example:

image 161

With the original and many adaptations, only one word can be guessed each day. This makes it possible to share the day’s progress with fellow players. On other sites, you can also play multiple times in a row.

Airportle – Wordle with IATA Codes

Do you know that feeling when you see a three-letter code somewhere and immediately have to think of the corresponding airport? When they mention DRS during a formula 1 race, I don’t think of the Drag Reduction System but inevitably of Dresden’s airport.

If you feel the same way, Airportle might be perfect for you. There you have to guess the IATA codes of different airports worldwide. It then looks something like this:

Worldle – Guess Country Shapes

A slightly more sophisticated Wordle implementation is Worldle. The other day, a person played it in front of me on the plane. And as someone who has spent a lot of time with Geoguessr, I was immediately drawn to the game. Only the outline of a country is displayed here, which you then have to guess:

Well, do you know? In this case, I figured it out, at least on the third try. Luckily, there is a compass to help you. It shows in which direction – and how many kilometres away – the desired country is located:

And as it should be for Wor(l)dle, the whole thing can of course also be shared on Twitter, WhatsApp, …. It then looks like this:

Worldle #130 3/6 (100%)





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