Map: the 3 Alliances’ Countries & Hubs (Star Alliance, Oneworld, SkyTeam)

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Star Alliance, SkyTeam, Oneworld. Three alliances with different advantages and disadvantages. An essential aspect, which is often forgotten, is the question regarding in which countries and regions these alliances are represented. While all three are present in the USA and are also widespread in Europe, there are certain regions to which, with certain alliances, you can only fly with long (and expensive) detours.

Therefore, we want to show you, using the following six maps, in which countries the hubs of the alliances are located, and also in which cities these hubs are.

Star Alliance

The Star Alliance (especially through the Lufthansa Group) is well represented in Central Europe. It is also the strongest alliance in Central America and Asia. Domestic flights in Canada are also only available with the Star Alliance. Western Africa and South America are not particularly well covered, but the other alliances are not particularly convincing in those regions either.

The current Star Alliance members come from these countries
These are the Star Alliance hubs


SkyTeam is well represented in Asia, but these airlines only offer relatively few connections to Europe. The same applies to Aerolíneas Argentinas in South America. Unfortunately, the airlines from the Middle East also do not offer a particularly large route network to Europe. Luckily, all of this is somewhat offset by the fact that Air France and KLM offer an enormous international route network. However, the other European SkyTeam airlines are not exactly the most convincing factors for an alliance.

The current SkyTeam members come from these countries
These are the SkyTeam hubs


Northern Africa is well represented at Oneworld, and Qatar Airways (the only “Big Three” airline in the Middle East that is an alliance member) also offers countless connections from Europe to most Asian countries. Domestic flights in Australia are also only possible with Oneworld. Since LATAM left, however, Oneworld is the only alliance that is not represented in South America at all. Domestic flights in China are also not available with Oneworld. In addition, the Oneworld route network in Central and Eastern Europe has been thinned out considerably since Airberlin went bankrupt.

The current Oneworld members come from these countries
These are the Oneworld hubs


In general, the Star Alliance is best spread out over the world. No wonder, after all, it is the alliance with the highest number of members. In South America and Africa, all alliances don’t offer a wide range of choices, some even offer nothing at all. Sometimes, however, one should not only pay attention to where the alliance members are based, but which destinations the European members fly to.

Cover Picture: CC0-Lizenz / Pixabay-User corgaasbeek

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