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The website has become popular mainly because of the guarantee they give when booking a journey on two separate tickets (some conditions will apply). And maybe a little but due to the fact that they give away coupon codes regularly. But the company is also offering a helpful tool that makes it super easy to put together complex round-trips. Especially when booking flights with low-cost carriers, this can be a great feature.

The tool we’re talking about is called Nomad. And it is offered to all users free of charge. It will work for all destinations worldwide. That means you can utilize it for your extended round-the-world trip as well as for a weekend getaway in Europe.

Ideally – at least that’s the idea – you won’t have to look for several hundred flight combinations e.g., on Google Flights. It’s enough to know where your trip will start, where you want it to end and what you want to see in between.

Based on your request, will search thousands of ways to connect all of your destinations with each other. You can choose how long you want to stay at a specific location. But the tool will determine which route makes the most sense ( and saves you the most money).

How to

Even though the website more or less explains itself, we still want to give you a brief overview of its functionality.

  1. Enter the key Data for Your Trip

    Once you’ve accessed the website, you can change from the regular flight search to the “Nomad” function.

    There you will be able to enter your city of departure as well as the city you want to end your trip in. Also, the tool will ask you to provide a travel period. So now that you’ve decided on this basic information, you can add other destinations you would like to visit.

    You can either give a time of stay (e.g., 3-5 nights) or a specific date that you want to use for your trip to be built.

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  2. Choose Your Preferred Connection

    Once you’ve entered all the data, you just have to click the “Search” button, and after a short wait, you will get a list of results. You can filter for “Best”, “Cheapest” or “Fastest”.

    Once you’ve decided on a specific routing, Nomad will show you all the details for your trip to the next step.

    Our example of a short trip through territory is, of course, mostly connected by low-cost carriers. The reason for that is that these airlines offer several one-way options.

  3. Book Your Trip – on Kiwi

    As soon as you’ve settled for the option that suits our needs best, all there is left is to book your trip.

    The easiest option is – no big surprise – One-click is all it takes to book all segments of your journey. There are several methods of payment. A credit card is one of them.

    Booking via has several advantages. First of all, it saves you from clicking through multiple sites and making several single bookings. But the website also offers a guarantee for flights booked on two tickets. So, if a connection from A to B requires you to fly with two different carriers that don’t cooperate, covers you in case you miss one flight due to the first one being delayed.

    At the end of the process, you can now add extra or checked luggage as well as other services such as “Priority Boarding”. Many low-cost carriers will only allow you to bring a small piece of hand luggage. Therefore this option can be handy.

    Often, the price for extra services via can be higher then what the airline charges. But on the other hand: it is much more convenient.Easy booking with 2019 12 09 16 56 55

  4. Other Options

    The other option for booking would be to book each and every flight with an OTA, such as Kayak. Or directly with the airline. We’d assume that you can save some money. But you would have to check every time, which might seem a little complicated.

    Our editor Peer did the math for our article on our German site and found the difference to be around 10%. Not that much and maybe not worth going through the hassle of booking every flight separately. But this, of course, very much depends on your route and the amount of money you’re spending.

Bottom Line

Never has it been easier to book your low-cost carrier trip around the world or through Europe. If our flexible, you should definitely give the Nomad tool a closer look and test its functionality.

There might be some downsides. And room for improvement. But overall, it’s a great tool that can open up a whole new world for people that are not that familiar with other methods of planing complex trips.

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