Indian Summer Map That Illustrates Foliage Colouration in the US and Canada

Indian Summer Herbst Kanada

No matter where in the world: the autumn leaves in the forest are always a spectacle. Particularly impressive – and accordingly popular – are trips to Canada and the USA at this time. It is not surprising that the Indian Summer attracts thousands of tourists every year.

At this point, we would like to point out a small, helpful tool for trips to the USA in autumn. has a forecast for nationwide leaf colouration each year:

The exact moment when leaf colour peaks, varies each year due to weather conditions. We’re relatively late this year, e.g. in Connecticut, the bright red leaves are expected in early October 2022. Of course, this is only a rough forecast and also depends on the local vegetation.

The map illustrates leaf colouration for the whole of the USA, from the east coast to the west coast. But you can especially experience the classic Indian summer with bright red leaves in the northeast of the country (roughly from Tennessee to New England). On the one hand, this is due to the climate and, on the other hand, to the particularly large variety of deciduous trees in this region.

Situation in Canada

Unfortunately, said map only shows the situation for the USA, while the northern neighbours are left out. If you have planned a trip to Canada, you can take a look at the following websites instead:

You won’t find a forecast for the future there, but the current situation is presented just as clearly.

Current leaf colouration in the Canadian province of Ontario (©

Cover Picture: Thomas Lipke

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