Hilton Impresario: Upgrades, $100 Credit & Free Breakfast in Conrad & Waldorf Astoria

Conrad Bali Suite Bed

Imagine booking a stay with Conrad and Waldorf Astoria properties but getting a ton of added benefits such as a complimentary upgrade, a US$100 (~€94) hotel/resort credit and free breakfast. And all of that while having a flexible booking?

Well, that is indeed possible with an Impresario booking through an authorized travel agent. Until recently, this was only possible offline through the phone or via email. However, now you can book your Impresario stays online through our partner ASmallWorld. Read on to find out more about the programme.

Here’s an overview of all participating hotels that you can book directly with ASmallWord:

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Impresario Benefits

Impresario comes with numerous benefits. Each hotel offers different benefits but most of the time you can expect the following benefits: US$100 hotel/resort credit to use against additional expenses such as spa treatments, restaurants, drinks, room service. Free daily breakfast for up to two persons. Complimentary upgrade to the next room category (if availability permits). Double points with Hilton Honors (additionally to other promotions & benefits). Early check-in and late check-out (if availability permits).

The booking is a direct Hilton booking. Therefore, you will see it listed in your upcoming stays in your app and on the webpage. Additionally, you will receive all Hilton Honors benefits such as points and status benefits.

How Much Does an Impresario Booking Cost?

The price per night with Impresario is the same as with a flexible rate booking. To find out the pricing, you can just go to our partner ASmallWorld and look for the ASW Preferred Rate:

ASW Preferred Rate fuer Impresario
AWS Preferred Rate with all Impresario benefits

When is Impresario Worth it?

To cut the story short: Impresario is worth it when you book a very short stay that consists of 1 or 2 days. If flexibility is important for you too, and you would book the flexible rate anyway, Impresario is always the better option.

In the end, you can for sure compare and calculate the US$100 credit and the double points in. In my opinion, the US$100 credit doesn’t equal US$100 value. Why? Well, you could also go out to dine or have a massage at a massage parlour around the corner instead of in the property. The same goes for laundry services. You would, of course, pay a small part of what you pay at Conrad & Waldorf properties. Just keep that in mind. The double Hilton Honors points are basically an additional 5% cashback on your booking amount (without taxes).

If you do not have a status with Hilton yet, the other benefits will give you additional value. The free breakfast can save you up to US$30 (~€28) per day. And early check-in and late check-out are hard to put into monetary values but can be valuable depending on your arrival and departure times.

Often, you can book Conrad and Waldorf Astoria properties in Asia for between €100-200/night. In this case, Impresario doesn’t seem like a bad idea, does it? For example, I have booked the Conrad Bali with an Impresario rate numerous times and have received suite upgrades and often paid less than €200/night. Here’s the review, if you would like to find out more about it:

How to Book an Impresario Stay?

Until now, you were not able to book Impresario rates online but only offline through authorized travel agents. However, due to our new partnership with ASmallWorld, it is now possible to book Impresario rates online without the hassle of getting in contact with a travel agent.

If you do not have an account with ASmallWorld yet, you have to register once and for free. You do find the button for that when you are looking at the ASW Preferred Rate:

ASW Impresario Registrierung

For the registration, your full name, your email address and a password is needed. Afterwards, you will be automatically logged in and you will be able to the ASW Preferred Rate (if available):

Asmallworld ASW Impresario buchen

After that, you can continue with the booking. During the booking process, the traveller information, your Hilton Honors number, special requests and credit card information will be needed.

Participating Hotels

In this paragraph, you will find links to the hotels that you can directly book via ASmallWorld:

Waldorf Astoria

With a few exceptions, you can book almost all Waldorf-Astoria hotels via ASW:


There are four Conrad hotels in Europe. The biggest markets for Conrad are surely Asia, closely followed by the US itself. You cannot book most Conrads in China and India, but the hotels in the rest of the world are mostly available:

LXR Hotels & Resorts

9 LXR Hotels and Resorts exist around the world. Only two of those are located in Europe (London & Istanbul). The rest is on other continents:


Hotels are responsible for their own Impresario booking requirements. Some hotels, for example, require a minimum stay of 2 nights or block the lowest room category for Impresario. If you do not see an ASW Preferred Rate, try to play around with the dates, length of stay or look if it’s available for a higher room category. Maybe it is still possible to book the hotel via Impresario.

Combinability With Hilton Promotions

Another great feature of Impresario bookings is that you can also benefit from Hilton promotions that are running through the year.

This is the newest Hilton promotion:


Impresario can be a great way to make the best out of your Conrad and Waldorf Astoria stays. If you only stay 1 or 2 nights, I would say, all properties below €250/night (for a short stay) are worth a consideration for an Impresario rate booking since the benefits outweigh the higher rate compared to non-flexible sale rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book Hilton Impresario online?

Yes, that is finally possible through our partner.

Is the booking still flexible although booked as an Impresario rate?

Yes, that’s one of the big advantages of Impresario.. Your booking will still be flexible.

Can I use the Best Price Match Guarantee with an Impresario booking?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. If your Best Price Match Guarantee claim is successful, you will lose all Impresario benefits with your booking.

Can I use the US$100 voucher for paying the room charges?

No, the voucher only works for additional expenses during your stay.

Can I benefit from Hilton promotiosn such as double points?

Yes, that’s possible!

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