Which Destinations Can You Reach Non-Stop from Any Train Station in Europe?

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You’re staying in a certain city and would like to visit another city for a nice day-trip – but where can you go non-stop? The little tool direkt.bahn.guru can tell you that. It shows you which destinations you can reach from any train station in Europe without having to switch trains. You can even filter for only regional trains (for example, if you want to use Germany’s all-regional-trains-for-€9-ticket to maximum effect).

Simply search for the station of your choice in the upper right corner. You can also select local and regional trains as a filter (upper-right corner). The map then shows you the destinations with direct connections:

Direct local transport connections from Bonn central station

The colours of the dots change depending on the duration of the journey. They are dark green for up to one hour, light green for up to two hours and yellow for more than two hours.

If you click on a point, you can display details about the connection directly on bahn.de. All dates on which this route is operated are then also displayed there.

Open Source

The tool was developed by Julius Tens and you can find the source code on GitHub. If the map helped you, buy Julius a coffee.

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