How to Book a Round Trip in Different Travel Classes

Lufthansa Premium Economy Class Sitze Notausgang Boeing 747-8i

For many, a flight in Business Class or even First Class is a dream that they would like to check off their to-do list. However, such flights are not exactly cheap, even if we at Travel-Dealz are looking for the best prices for you every day. One way to get such an experience at a somewhat cheaper price is to fly in different travel classes – e.g. only fly the outbound flight in business class, but the cheap economy class is enough to fly back home.

While OTAs and search engines such as Google Flights rarely offer this option, it can be booked relatively easily on most airlines’ websites. We’ll show you some examples:


At Lufthansa, the next-highest booking class is usually displayed when booking. In the case of European flights, that would be economy and business. On long-haul routes, however, you can usually only mix economy and premium economy (or premium Economy and business).

When you are searching for economy flights within Europe, Lufthansa will also display business class

Unfortunately, first class can only be combined with business class.

Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this combination of first and business is “cheap”

Once you have selected the outbound and inbound flight, you can check the booking summary again to see that the travel classes have been selected correctly.

Outbound in business class, back in economy light. A deep fall

British Airways

British Airways not only shows the next-highest travel class but also the second-next-highest. This means that e.g. economy class can be combined with business class on long-haul routes. But only with economy standard. The light fare cannot be mixed with a higher travel class. First class can be combined with business class and premium economy.

You can also combine economy and business with British Airways on long-haul routes

Air France – KLM

With Air France and KLM, everything can be combined as desired, from economy class to business class. However, Air France’s first class can only be mixed with business class.

The other travel classes are always offered on the side


SWISS shows all travel classes, but they cannot be combined at will. Even if you select the outbound flight in Economy Class and then the inbound flight in first class, the outbound flight will then be displayed as a business class flight in the summary. Economy class can only be combined up to business class and only from economy saver. The economy light fare cannot be combined.

At Swiss, all travel classes are displayed, but not everything can be combined

TAP Portugal

TAP only has two travel classes, economy, and business, and displays these directly with every booking process. Both travel classes can be combined without any restrictions.

tap mehrere reiseklassen
Economy on the left, business on the right. It’s that easy

If you have selected both flights, this is also clearly displayed in the booking summary. A brief note: The usual business class fare is called Executive at TAP.

tp gemischte buchung

Turkish Airlines

With Turkish Airlines, it looks exactly the same as with TAP. The airline only has two travel classes and therefore shows both classes directly with every booking:

Turkish Airlines also keeps it very simple

With Turkish, too, you can combine business class with the cheapest eco-fare (promotion), which allows you to actually save quite a bit of money here and there, and luggage is included in every travel class with Turkish Airlines anyway.

The inbound flight in business class: Arrive fresh at home without paying an absolute fortune

Frequently Asked Questions

Which travel class do I have to search for?

With some airlines, it doesn’t matter, but with most of them, you should search for the lowest travel class. The airlines want to sell you a more expensive travel class and therefore display it as an option in the booking process. It happens significantly less often, that airlines voluntarily will offer you a cheaper travel class.

Are the outbound and inbound flights completely different?

Yes. The booking class, miles, baggage allowance, lounge access, and everything else that differs between the travel classes will then be different on the outbound and inbound flights. You will not enjoy any business benefits on the economy flight.

Can I change the travel class for individual segments?

A good travel agency can do this. Otherwise, there is often the option of upgrading individual segments after you have booked the trip. However, this will not work via the normal online booking process that the airlines offer.

Is it even worth it?

Mostly not. If you book a route that is not currently on sale, that one business class segment will be so expensive that you can actually forget about it. If you’re booking a business class deal, the price difference to economy for only one direction is usually no longer particularly large (approx. €300). Whether you want to spend more than 10 hours in cramped seats for €300 instead of sleeping in a bed is something that everyone has to assess for themselves. Perhaps it is more worthwhile with first class, which for many is actually just a once-in-a-lifetime experience where one direction is enough.

Hint: Combine travel classes for inexpensive long-haul business one way flights

Long haul one-ways are known to be extremely expensive. E.g. if you are looking for a business one-way to Los Angeles, it can easily cost €4,750. A well-known trick is to book a return flight and simply let the inbound flight expire. This will reduce the price to e.g. €1,350.

But why let a business class inbound flight expire? If you book the inbound flight in Economy Class instead, the price drops to around €1,000, and you’ve saved €350.

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